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About The Circular Business Platform

We are interested in building a solid foundation for circular businesses in Lagos. We do this by offering access to knowledge, business opportunities, networks and resources that help support the growth of circular businesses in Lagos.

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How We Help
Circular Businesses Thrive

Snap Surveys
Circular businesses depend on engaged communities who dispose of their waste responsibly to thrive. Many different types of organizations have taken up leadership roles in engaging communities in responsible waste management across Lagos. They do this through a variety of initiatives such as community sensitization, cleanups, incentive schemes and empowerment programs.

But how do we know what types of strategies are more effective than others and how can we learn better from each other to deliver the best engagements possible?

Snap Surveys are designed to support organizations who engage in responsible waste disposal by developing case studies on community engagement initiatives and producing research-based "how-to-guides" which draw from the learnings of these engagements.

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True Leaders Training Series
True Leaders Training Series is a capacity development programme designed to support waste recycling organizations that have interests in improving the coordination activities of businesses, estates managers to improve recycling rates and waste disposal processes. It involves an experiential learning session with follow-up e-activities and workshops.
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Business Growth and Investment Forum

The Business Growth and Investment Forum focuses on delivering circular business and incubation services. With the goal of providing the highest possible quality of programming to businesses, the Forum works with local and regional partners to build and share learnings and create networking and funding opportunities for circular businesses. The key projects of the forum are:

  • The LOOPLab Incubation Program, which matches and supports large businesses with CE entrepreneurs.
  • Circular Economy Entrepreneurship in Africa Workshop Series, which focuses on identifying ways to improve business services to African CE start-ups.
  • The Circular Economy investment mapping study, which identifies the financing needs of circular businesses operating in Nigeria and the corresponding capacity and interest of available capital.
White Space Projects

White Space Projects are designed to explore potential circular business opportunities and to identify collaborators and resources to mobilize these opportunities. White Space Projects are about imagining what is possible, recognizing what is feasible and pulling out all the stops to make it happen.

Some themes that will be explored under the White Space Projects are: Circular Fashion, Circular Building Materials and Construction, Circular Sanitation, Glass Bottles for Upscale Restaurants, Alternative Packaging, Circular Business Model Development.

For the year 2022, we will be focusing on textile waste.

Policy Implementation Assessment

Lagos State Government is an advocate of the Circular Economy and is driving a number of initiatives at the policy and programme level to incentivize responsible waste management. One important policy is e-waste management regulation.

The goal of this project is to monitor whether and how policy is implemented, to provide recommendations that will support compliance and to identify and facilitate opportunities to work with other stakeholders to meet regulatory goals.

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